GP Experience – The Girl on the Train

It was the second time I saw Michelle* on a train back home – on the first time she was sitting on the other end of the carriage so it was very difficult for me to go talk to her. Now on this second time however, she sat directly in-front of me. “Jackpot!” I said to myself.

Now I absolutely love striking up a conversation in the oddest of moments – saying “Hi, how are you doing?” on a train packed with people is definitely one of them. What made this situation even more interesting what that she was listening to her iPod whilst flicking through a magazine. Now you’re probably asking me “How in hell do you a strike up a conversation with someone who is neither looking at you nor able to hear what you say?”

I always recommend being creative in everything that you do so what happened next was that I then took out my phone, wrote… “Hey, how are you doing? Are you interested in coffee? Y/N” on a draft text message and then showed it to you. What happened next was that she then smiled and took off her head phones.

Now that’s GP!

*Name has been changed

***What is the “GP Experience”? This is where I recount my encounters with women I have met. The aim of this section is to let you Guys and Gals know that opportunities to meet people are endless and that all it takes to be successful in it is an understanding of the person you are about to make conversation with but also the environment that you are both in. Specifically, it’s about recognising the cues given to you and using the environment to your advantage.

Easier said than done? You don’t want to be alone do you?


2 thoughts on “GP Experience – The Girl on the Train

  1. Was that bit of a low blow? Haha.

    When it comes to blogging, I don’t really see it as a major medium for me to reach out to my audience. Hence, the lack of posts from my end in which I’m more than guilty of. However, these “GP Experiences” are now used predominantly in my newsletter.

    If you’re interested, please sign up to my newsletter by heading to my homepage i.e. Please see below for the past newsletters I’ve done. Here’s a couple of my favourite ones.

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