Invaluable Lesson from a Song – “”Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”

Staying in a relationship that is not going anywhere can be a very painful experience!

John Mayer couldn’t have described it any better when he said “We’re going down and you can see it too. We’re going down and you know that we’re doomed. My dear, we’re slow dancing in a burning room”. There are definitely times when a relationship enters a crossroad – both parties realise that the relationship has just lost its spark and it just isn’t going anywhere. In other words, the relationship is at a standstill – do we try to work things out to reignite the spark? or do we just go our separate ways? However, if neither party takes the initiative to do something about it, it’s really how John Mayer describes it i.e. the relationship will feel like your dancing in a room that’s almost going to be burnt down. Obviously, this isn’t good for either party.


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