Shoes that Make the GP – Loafers

There’s nothing more satisfying than spending an easy 5 seconds of your life slipping on a pair of shoes that oozes “manly-style” but that also yields amazing results when worn with the correct clothes. What am I talking about? I’m talking about loafers.

Loafers come in suede, leather and in a multitude of colours. Now for a timeless outfit that would suit the warmer periods of the year try wearing a pair of leather loafers coupled with a nicely-fitted collared-shirt (sleeves rolled-up) and a pair of plain bermuda shorts – a fitted polo-shirt could definitely act as a substitute. For the colder periods, try wearing your suede loafers with a pair of skinny leg jeans. Now this may not be for everyone because your twig and berries may have to cope in confine spaces for an extended period of time but it’s a dandy look.

Just a word of warning, don’t go all tight-ass with a pair of tacky synthetic loafers because you’ll end up getting blisters on your feet and when you decide to give your 10 little friends a breather, make sure your date is not around you!

So what’s the golden rule when it comes to wearing loafers? No socks!

Did you know? Loafers first appeared in Norway in the 1930s and were of moccasin style. It was only when the Norwegians started exporting these types of shoes to the rest of Europe that visiting Americans also started picking it up.


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