Books that Inspire the GP – “Not Without Hope”

Title: “Not Without Hope”
Authors: Nick Schuyler and Jere Longman

This is a harrowing story that literally brought a tear to my eye. It acts as a reminder that having a strong mental attitude is what is going to set you apart in life and in Nick’s case, is what is going to keep you alive.

“Not Without Hope” is co-written by Nick Schuyler, the sole survivor of a fishing trip gone tragically wrong. It’s extremely difficult to imagine what Nick had to endure for over 40 hours – stranded at sea in the Gulf of Mexico with a capsized boat, 15-25 metre waves constantly bombarding you from all directions, blistering freezing cold winds that seemed like nature was trying to have a swipe at you and last but not least, having to look into the eyes of 3 of your close friends as they descend into their watery graves.

The descriptions of what Nick and his friends had to ensure can be quite graphic at times but that’s what you really want in a book like this. In terms of capturing true human emotion, the authors did an amazing job and for this, I highly recommend that you get a copy of “Not Without Hope”.


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