Wise Words of the Day – William Butler Yeats

“Every conquering temptation represents a new fund of moral energy. Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before.”

William Butler Yeats, Irish poet and dramatist,
and one of the leading figures of 20th century literature –


Invaluable Lesson from a Movie – “He’s Just Not That Into You”

“He’s Just Not That Into You” is a classic romantic comedy that delves into the complexities of understanding human behaviour when it comes to love and relationships through the eyes of 9 interconnecting characters.

There was one notable relationship in the movie that showed that there are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to attraction. When Alex (Justin Long) constantly gives Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) dating advice on her lacklustre love-life, Gigi eventually falls for Alex from applying the advice he is giving her. For example, Alex told her that a guy would always try to contact the girl if he’s interested. Now since Alex is constantly calling Gigi to “help” her with her love-life, Gigi interprets this as a sure sign that Alex is interested. What’s ironic here is that when Gigi tries to give Alex a kiss, Alex turns away and tells Gigi that she has completely misread the signals.

You would have thought that this would be the end of it but as the move comes to a close, Alex then realises that he has in fact fallen for Gigi. So what did I say about there being no hard and fast rules when it comes to attraction? If you didn’t know already, I’m sure you can now understand why attraction, and to a deeper extent love, can be very confusing!

Books that Inspire the GP – “The Art of War”

Title: “The Art of War”
Author: Sun Tzu

“The Art of War” is the ultimate guide for men (and women) on how to deal with the many challenges of life. Although written for military purposes back in the 6th century BC, the principles discussed in the book transcend their original intended purpose. From effective ways to dealing with office politics to understanding how people behave, Sun Tzu has it covered.

One of my favourite quotes from this book is “To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Now if we were to relate this to the dating arena, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there a lot of people out there who are just genuinely afraid to open up (yes, there are times when it’s not your fault). Now the date might as well end there because your verbal slashings at her inability to come up with something interesting to talk about have failed. However, if you are able to ask the right questions that specifically targets her interests then the wall of resistance that she has put up will eventually break down. If you’re able to do this, you wouldn’t have to say another word because she’ll be doing all the talking. Hence, this is what I consider to be “supreme excellence”.

Since the original text was written in Chinese, there have been many interpretations of Sun Tzu’s work. With that said, it is imperative that you pick up a copy that gives you multiple interpretations from different people who have studied and applied these principles. Multiple interpretations equates to a more complete understanding of Sun Tzu’s original text. For this I recommend the work of Thomas Cleary who in addition to providing his own interpretations has commentaries from other key military strategists from Sun Tzu’s era.

Accessories that Make the GP – Watch

If there is any one accessory that a man MUST have it is a quality timepiece. Watches can range in price from $1 to $3 million. Diamond studded designs, gold-plated frames, platinum, exquisite turnbillions and fancy chronographs are only a small list of features watchmakers use to create some of the most rarest and expensive watches in the world.

Now you can get a quality watch for as little as $500 – just have a look at the Tissot PRC200 which gives you the ability to alternate between a metal strap and a leather strap. Obviously it’s going to be bit of a hassle to constantly change the straps but the metal strap can be used for everyday wear, i.e. polo-shirt, jeans and loafers, whilst the leather strap is a sleek accompaniment to a nicely-fitted suit for more formal occasions. But you know what? Why don’t you just get 2 watches; one metal and another one with a leather strap to make life easier. However, if you’ve really got money to burn why not spend a meagre $3.5 million on a diamond-studded Emperador Temple from the watch manufacture Paiget.

Whether you pay $1 for a watch that you purchased from a Hong Kong night market or $3.5 million diamond studded one, both… Continue reading

Dating Tip – Asking Tough Questions

If you really want to find out what your date is really like, ask her a question that puts her on the spot. In other words, ask a somewhat outrageous but straight forward question where her sub-conscious would yield an initial “Who does he think he is?” response.

Now her response doesn’t really matter here because you’re actually more interested in how she reacts. I love a woman who knows how to handle herself under pressure (who doesn’t!) so questions like “Are you a good kisser?” or “What can you bring to the table if you and I were to get married?” would really get her thinking and hence, put her on the spot.

The trick to making her think you’re “serious” here is to make sure that you keep a straight face at all times. You need to make it clear to her you are merely joking after she gives you her response or else she’ll think that you’re just plain weird!

GP Experience – The Girl on the Building Steps

If you carefully observe your surroundings, you will realise there are so many opportunities for you to meet women. The only thing you need to do then is to muster up the courage to just say, “Hey, how are doing?”

Definitely easier said than done but what I’m about to say is a perfect example of seizing the opportunity. Now I’m sure that such a situation would occur every day – all it takes is a well trained eye in reading body language.

It was past mid-night on Saturday morning and as I was walking out of the bar, I saw this girl sitting on the building steps looking somewhat bored. I knew that this was the case because she was holding her head up with her right hand whilst continuously looking at her watch on her left. Sensing that she was probably waiting for someone to pick her up, I politely said… Continue reading