GP Experience – The Girl on the Building Steps

If you carefully observe your surroundings, you will realise there are so many opportunities for you to meet women. The only thing you need to do then is to muster up the courage to just say, “Hey, how are doing?”

Definitely easier said than done but what I’m about to say is a perfect example of seizing the opportunity. Now I’m sure that such a situation would occur every day – all it takes is a well trained eye in reading body language.

It was past mid-night on Saturday morning and as I was walking out of the bar, I saw this girl sitting on the building steps looking somewhat bored. I knew that this was the case because she was holding her head up with her right hand whilst continuously looking at her watch on her left. Sensing that she was probably waiting for someone to pick her up, I politely said…“Hey, excuse me – do you mind if I keep you company whilst you wait for your friend?”

Ten minutes later her friend arrived to pick her up. I got a free ride to the nearest train station with her number stored safely in my phone whilst she ventured off home after a company sponsored party.

Now that’s GP!

***What is the “GP Experience”? This is where I recount my encounters with women I have met. The aim of this section is to let you Guys and Gals know that opportunities to meet people are endless and that all it takes to be successful in it is an understanding of the person you are about to make conversation with but also the environment that you are both in. Specifically, it’s about recognising the cues given to you and using the environment to your advantage.

Easier said than done? You don’t want to be alone do you?


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