Accessories that Make the GP – Watch

If there is any one accessory that a man MUST have it is a quality timepiece. Watches can range in price from $1 to $3 million. Diamond studded designs, gold-plated frames, platinum, exquisite turnbillions and fancy chronographs are only a small list of features watchmakers use to create some of the most rarest and expensive watches in the world.

Now you can get a quality watch for as little as $500 – just have a look at the Tissot PRC200 which gives you the ability to alternate between a metal strap and a leather strap. Obviously it’s going to be bit of a hassle to constantly change the straps but the metal strap can be used for everyday wear, i.e. polo-shirt, jeans and loafers, whilst the leather strap is a sleek accompaniment to a nicely-fitted suit for more formal occasions. But you know what? Why don’t you just get 2 watches; one metal and another one with a leather strap to make life easier. However, if you’ve really got money to burn why not spend a meagre $3.5 million on a diamond-studded Emperador Temple from the watch manufacture Paiget.

Whether you pay $1 for a watch that you purchased from a Hong Kong night market or $3.5 million diamond studded one, both… pretty much serve the same purpose and probably last as long as the other albeit the need to change the battery for the cheaper one. So when you really think about it, a “good” watch is not really about quality or durability – it’s about style, prestige and image. With that said, the best watch for you is the one that best reflects who you are.


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