Accessories that Make the GP – Cologne

There’s no denying that it is your physical appearance that is going to get you a wink from across the table. If you then approach her (or even better if she approaches you) and you smell like a barn-yard animal, you only have yourself to blame when she pulls a hard right.

So what’s another item that makes the GentlemanPlayer?
Decent cologne

Now when I mean decent, I don’t mean something that you can get for $10.95 at the local supermarket. I’m not going to name names here but I’m sure you know what I mean – a special “feline effect” anyone? In the majority of our purchases, a huge cost associated with it has to do with buying the brand – this is something that can rarely be avoided. So when it comes to decent cologne, quality and price are generally aligned so the more you pay for a certain type, the more value you should get from it.

In terms of which cologne to pick… this is entirely upto you because we all have our own tastes. Personally for me I have four types of cologne used for four different occasions. For informal situations I use “Cool Water” by Davidoff because it offers a simple refreshing smell to an everyday outfit. For professional occasions, “Black” by Polo offers a strong musky smell that reflects a more masculine presence. When it comes to get-togethers with friends and family, “Romance Silver” by Ralph Lauren offers a sweet smell that is light on the senses. The last cologne in my range is “BLV Pour Homme (For Him)” by Bvlgari and this is reserved exclusively for my special lady.


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