Invaluable Lesson from a Song – “Juicy”

The chorus to this song speaks for itself, “You know very well who you are. Don’t let em hold you down, reach for the stars. You had a goal, but not that many ’cause you’re the only one I’ll give you good and plenty.”

Sung by one of the most talented American rappers of all time, “Juicy” is a timeless song with a simple message i.e. going after your dreams. Depending on how you see it, having a sense of security as opposed to doing what you really want to do in life, is more often than not, favoured by many in today’s society.

I’m sure that you have family, friends and colleagues who have dreams and aspirations to do bigger and brighter things but the fear of the unknown stops them in their tracks. To me, there’s nothing worse than sitting in a dead-end job that you absolutely despise no matter how big the pay-check is.

Notorious B.I.G and his song “Juicy” is a testament to what can be achieved if you just have the courage to just go after your dreams. In his particular case, he combined his passion for music with his natural ability to rap and this made all the difference.


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