Wise Words of the Day – Maya Angelou

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou, American auto-biographer and poet –


Invaluable Lesson from a Movie – “The Bucket List”

“The Bucket List” starring old-school Hollywood heavyweights Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is a truly inspirational story that literally brought tears to my eyes (Yes, I agree that real men cry but thinking back to when I watched this movie, something was probably caught in my eyes). The movie’s central theme is that no matter how successful you are or how much money you make, death is what puts everyone on par.

The foundations of the movie are set when it shows the contrast in lives between Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) and Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) – Edward is a corporate billionaire who actually owns the hospital he is staying in whilst Carter is a working class mechanic. Now what’s common amongst these 2 very different individuals is that they share the same illness. While sharing a hospital room, Edward and Carter become the best of friends and instead of lying in bed to face their inevitable demise, they decide to go out on a last “hoo-hah”. With that said, they get out of hospital and do all the things they have ever wanted to do before they die according to their bucket list.

I’m obviously not telling you the ending but during their time together, they both help each to find the ultimate joy in their lives. “The Bucket List” is an amazing movie on camaraderie, on family and last but not least, focusing on what really matters.

Books that Inspire the GP – “Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”

Title: “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”
Author: Carmine Gallo

The key to being successful in dating, in your relationships, in your work and in life in general is really all about being an effective communicator.

Think about it – if you can’t even get your point across;
– How are you going to get your date to realise that you’re one hell of guy?
– How are you going to resolve that fickle argument with your fiancé?
– How are going to get your colleagues and management to rally behind you?
– Above all, how are you going to show the world that you are one unique and inspiring individual?

Although written as a guide for presenting to larger audiences, the principles discussed by Gallo through his in-depth analysis of Apple’s founder’s, Steve Jobs, presentation skills can be utilised at the fundamental one-on-one level. What I mean by this is that whenever we talk to someone, we are effectively telling that person a story. Now how effective your story is in engaging that other person is much like how an author engages her readers when she writes the next international best-seller.

Whether you’re presenting your case to your colleagues and management regarding a new money-making initiative or whether you’re acquainting yourself with the girl that you just met in the parking lot, EVERYONE wants to be either informed, educated and/or entertained. In effect, your chance of really engaging that person increases 10-fold if you’re able to tell a quality story. A quality story is where you create a sense of overall purpose, you introduce an antagonist, you reveal the conquering hero and then finally, as Gallo so strenuously points out, you reveal a “Holy Sh!t” moment that’s sure to create an everlasting impression.

At the end of the day, people just want to know the answer to one question: “Why should I care?”

Clothes that Make the GP – Polo Shirt

If there’s a piece of clothing that OOZES versatility to the MAX, it’s got to be the timeless (and extremely humble) polo shirt (also known as a golf shirt or a tennis shirt). They are so versatile as a matter of fact that I would even recommend you get 4 of them – different colours of course. Now you could go for one of those polo shirt designs that encompasses bit of a pattern but nothing really beats the single tone classic look that fits snugly on your torso.

“So what makes the polo shirt so versatile?” I hear you say.
They can go with ANYTHING! When I mean anything, I mean that they can even go with your runners and tracksuit pant combination to give you an “upmarket” fitness look!

Since the polo shirt is such a timeless design, there are multiple ways to get the best out of these quality garments. For an all-inspiring semi-casual spring/summer look, try your hand at a nicely-fitted polo shirt with a pair of Bermuda shorts. To complete the look, get yourself a pair of quality loafers (no cheap ones as you’ll be limping like an old man for the rest of the day) and don’t forget your aviators and your MANLY watch. As for the colder seasons, a polo shirt will look amazing with a slick pair of jeans and a pair of stylish dress shoes. If winter really sets in and something more formal is on the cards, you could elevate this look by putting a jacket to match – BRILLIANT!

Now when it comes to purchasing your now favourite piece of clothing, the quality of your purchase can be determined by… Continue reading

Dating Tip – The Benefits of Being a Tourist

For you single men out there, there’s NO excuse to NOT say “Hi” to that cute girl waiting to be taken to her table at the 8.00am hotel breakfast buffet line or approaching that Latino-looking girl sitting by herself at one of Hong Kong’s most lavish bars. You’re on holiday for crying out loud and if you’re too afraid that you’ll make an ass-clown of yourself, don’t fret because if it doesn’t go well, you “probably” won’t see her ever again – EVER!

You’ve got everything to gain e.g. having your own personal tour guide, and nothing really to lose if you just muster up the courage to approach people at least while you’re on holiday. Although you should be doing this regardless or you’ll end up cleaning your own underwear for the rest of your life, there is definitely a degree of “I can do whatever I want / No fear” sort of attitude when you’re on holiday so you might as well utilise it.

What’s interesting about meeting people overseas is that there is instant interest i.e. you’re interested in learning about the new city from a local’s point of view to see where the best places are and she’s interested (and perhaps even euphoric) that she is able to meet someone from a different country (just don’t get “Shanghaiied”* though). I’m sure you’ll agree with me that nothing breaks up a tedious and mundane day at work when a tourist asks you to accompany her for a drink at the local harbour bar (Hey, it could happen!).

* Shanghaiied – according to UrbanDictionary.com, an unwitting person (usually male) is lured into conversation with a partner who looks to be “too good to be true”. Following these introductions and possible promises of sensual intentions, the focus of conversation changes dramatically.

GP Experience – The Girl at Ritz Carlton

I’m sure a lot of you have submitted your annual leave, booked your tickets and packed your bags – ready to disembark on your much-deserved holiday. With that said, it is befitting that I share with you all this past GP Experience that occurred to me whilst I was on holiday in Singapore at the end of last year.

I do not need to remind you that opportunities to meet people are EVERYWHERE and this is no different to the waitress that I met working at the VERY GLITZY club level at Ritz Carlton Singapore.

So let me tell you about this experience – after coming over to my table to clear out what’s left of my once delectable breakfast, I used my favourite line of them all i.e. “Hey, how are doing?” to see if she was interested in having a conversation. Obviously in these situations, it would be rude for her to just ignore you because you are the hotel guest. Hence, it’s very difficult to gauge whether or not there is genuine interest. The afternoon comes around and since the majority of 5-star club levels offer its guests 3 meals a day, I decided to take a break from sightseeing and head up to the club level for lunch. Low and behold I saw her again and once again, I said “Hey, how are doing?” Luckily, the club level was quite quiet at this time so we able to have a much longer conversation. The conversation continued and she told me that she finished work at 3.00pm and that she didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day (DING DING DING – Jackpot!).

I’m sure you know what happens next but if not… Continue reading