GP Experience – The Girl at Ritz Carlton

I’m sure a lot of you have submitted your annual leave, booked your tickets and packed your bags – ready to disembark on your much-deserved holiday. With that said, it is befitting that I share with you all this past GP Experience that occurred to me whilst I was on holiday in Singapore at the end of last year.

I do not need to remind you that opportunities to meet people are EVERYWHERE and this is no different to the waitress that I met working at the VERY GLITZY club level at Ritz Carlton Singapore.

So let me tell you about this experience – after coming over to my table to clear out what’s left of my once delectable breakfast, I used my favourite line of them all i.e. “Hey, how are doing?” to see if she was interested in having a conversation. Obviously in these situations, it would be rude for her to just ignore you because you are the hotel guest. Hence, it’s very difficult to gauge whether or not there is genuine interest. The afternoon comes around and since the majority of 5-star club levels offer its guests 3 meals a day, I decided to take a break from sightseeing and head up to the club level for lunch. Low and behold I saw her again and once again, I said “Hey, how are doing?” Luckily, the club level was quite quiet at this time so we able to have a much longer conversation. The conversation continued and she told me that she finished work at 3.00pm and that she didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day (DING DING DING – Jackpot!).

I’m sure you know what happens next but if not…I got her number and for the rest of the day, I got taken out by a “true” Singaporean local who turned out to be a Malaysian Princess for a certain region in Malaysia. A load of bullocks? Perhaps but for the 6 designer stores we walked into, she walked out with 6 bags!

Now that’s GP!

***What is the “GP Experience”? This is where I recount my encounters with women I have met. The aim of this section is to let you Guys and Gals know that opportunities to meet people are endless and that all it takes to be successful in it is an understanding of the person you are about to make conversation with but also the environment that you are both in. Specifically, it’s about recognising the cues given to you and using the environment to your advantage.

Easier said than done? You don’t want to be alone do you?


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