Dating Tip – The Benefits of Being a Tourist

For you single men out there, there’s NO excuse to NOT say “Hi” to that cute girl waiting to be taken to her table at the 8.00am hotel breakfast buffet line or approaching that Latino-looking girl sitting by herself at one of Hong Kong’s most lavish bars. You’re on holiday for crying out loud and if you’re too afraid that you’ll make an ass-clown of yourself, don’t fret because if it doesn’t go well, you “probably” won’t see her ever again – EVER!

You’ve got everything to gain e.g. having your own personal tour guide, and nothing really to lose if you just muster up the courage to approach people at least while you’re on holiday. Although you should be doing this regardless or you’ll end up cleaning your own underwear for the rest of your life, there is definitely a degree of “I can do whatever I want / No fear” sort of attitude when you’re on holiday so you might as well utilise it.

What’s interesting about meeting people overseas is that there is instant interest i.e. you’re interested in learning about the new city from a local’s point of view to see where the best places are and she’s interested (and perhaps even euphoric) that she is able to meet someone from a different country (just don’t get “Shanghaiied”* though). I’m sure you’ll agree with me that nothing breaks up a tedious and mundane day at work when a tourist asks you to accompany her for a drink at the local harbour bar (Hey, it could happen!).

* Shanghaiied – according to, an unwitting person (usually male) is lured into conversation with a partner who looks to be “too good to be true”. Following these introductions and possible promises of sensual intentions, the focus of conversation changes dramatically.


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