Clothes that Make the GP – Polo Shirt

If there’s a piece of clothing that OOZES versatility to the MAX, it’s got to be the timeless (and extremely humble) polo shirt (also known as a golf shirt or a tennis shirt). They are so versatile as a matter of fact that I would even recommend you get 4 of them – different colours of course. Now you could go for one of those polo shirt designs that encompasses bit of a pattern but nothing really beats the single tone classic look that fits snugly on your torso.

“So what makes the polo shirt so versatile?” I hear you say.
They can go with ANYTHING! When I mean anything, I mean that they can even go with your runners and tracksuit pant combination to give you an “upmarket” fitness look!

Since the polo shirt is such a timeless design, there are multiple ways to get the best out of these quality garments. For an all-inspiring semi-casual spring/summer look, try your hand at a nicely-fitted polo shirt with a pair of Bermuda shorts. To complete the look, get yourself a pair of quality loafers (no cheap ones as you’ll be limping like an old man for the rest of the day) and don’t forget your aviators and your MANLY watch. As for the colder seasons, a polo shirt will look amazing with a slick pair of jeans and a pair of stylish dress shoes. If winter really sets in and something more formal is on the cards, you could elevate this look by putting a jacket to match – BRILLIANT!

Now when it comes to purchasing your now favourite piece of clothing, the quality of your purchase can be determined by… checking the stitching of the buttonholes, the quality of the seams on the inside of the garment (the outside would obviously look fine or else it would just fall off the display rack) and the feel of the fabric i.e. it should have a bit of bounce when you touch it and not be too flimsy. While you’re at it you should look for 100% cotton (a “breathable” fibre) because if you sweat like a pig, there goes your polo shirt but more importantly, there goes that cute looking girl.

Personally, I would recommend the polo shirts manufactured by Lacoste; great designs if you’re also looking for polo shirts with a pattern and great quality at a reasonable price. For those looking for something a bit more upmarket, look no further than Ralph Lauren.


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