Books that Inspire the GP – “Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”

Title: “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”
Author: Carmine Gallo

The key to being successful in dating, in your relationships, in your work and in life in general is really all about being an effective communicator.

Think about it – if you can’t even get your point across;
– How are you going to get your date to realise that you’re one hell of guy?
– How are you going to resolve that fickle argument with your fiancé?
– How are going to get your colleagues and management to rally behind you?
– Above all, how are you going to show the world that you are one unique and inspiring individual?

Although written as a guide for presenting to larger audiences, the principles discussed by Gallo through his in-depth analysis of Apple’s founder’s, Steve Jobs, presentation skills can be utilised at the fundamental one-on-one level. What I mean by this is that whenever we talk to someone, we are effectively telling that person a story. Now how effective your story is in engaging that other person is much like how an author engages her readers when she writes the next international best-seller.

Whether you’re presenting your case to your colleagues and management regarding a new money-making initiative or whether you’re acquainting yourself with the girl that you just met in the parking lot, EVERYONE wants to be either informed, educated and/or entertained. In effect, your chance of really engaging that person increases 10-fold if you’re able to tell a quality story. A quality story is where you create a sense of overall purpose, you introduce an antagonist, you reveal the conquering hero and then finally, as Gallo so strenuously points out, you reveal a “Holy Sh!t” moment that’s sure to create an everlasting impression.

At the end of the day, people just want to know the answer to one question: “Why should I care?”


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