Clothes that Make the GP – Shorts

You’re probably asking yourself, “Shorts are just shorts – what could possibly make them unique? Why are you even including this in this section?” My answer to this is simple, put the right pair of shorts on and everything else will look better!

Just remember, we’re always going for the complete look here so if you look like an Armani model on your top half but you look like MC Hammer on the bottom half, the 90s hit “U Can’t Touch This” will FOREVER be your mantra!

Now there are many varieties of shorts available. Just to name a select few you’ve got your khaki/cargo shorts which generally have more than four pockets stitched onto the outside of the garment – these shorts offer a baggy casual look. You’ve got your straight-fit Bermuda shorts which are knee-length – these shorts offer a sophisticated and versatile look. You’ve got your “preppy” plaid shorts which are pretty much like your Bermudas but different colours of woven fabric is used to create a cross-barred pattern – these shorts have been popularised by “skater” culture. Last but not least, you’ve got my favourite type – your simple mid-length shorts. These shorts are characterised by an inseam of about 7-8 inches so they do a great job of making your legs look longer (unlike your knee-length types).

You know I LOVE VERSATILITY so when it comes to purchasing your mid-length shorts, I recommend… you get a couple of pairs; one in a single-tone fabric and the other in a double-tone pattern. The great thing about single-tone mid-length shorts is that they will go extremely well with literally anything. A single-tone polo-shirt (a different colour obviously) to achieve a more sophisticated look – DONE! A simple v-neck t-shirt for a day at the beach – DONE! A patterned t-shirt for that date on Saturday afternoon – DONE! Now when it comes to your double-tone patterned mid-length shorts, they are also very versatile but the only top that shouldn’t be worn with these shorts is anything that conflicts with the shorts’ pattern i.e. if you’re shorts have a checked pattern in addition to your t-shirt, you’ll look like a human bagpipe from Scotland! I’m sure you catch my drift.

Let’s see – if you’ve got 2 pairs of mid-length shorts, 2 polo-shirts, 2 v-neck t-shirts, 2 single-toned t-shirts, 2 patterned t-shirts and 2 long-sleeve v-neck tops (for when it gets colder of course), apply a bit of maths here and you’ve got (2 x 10) 20 DIFFERENT OUTFITS!

What about the shoes? Anything simple i.e. a nice pair of white loafers will do the trick. The shoes act more as a compliment as opposed to being the main centrepiece.


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