GP Experience – Girl on the Train (Again!)

To my followers, you know that meeting women on CityRail trains is my forte and if you’re a first time subscriber, you can click here to find out why. Meeting women is just FUN and just like Valentine’s Day, it’s all about being creative. Meeting Renee* on the 10.33pm train back home sure put a smile on my face because I got her number without saying a single word.

Here’s the experience – Renee* was sitting on a two-seater whilst I was sitting close to her on one of those three-seaters. Sensing the very exhausted look on her face, I took out my notepad, wrote “Hi, my name is Jeff. Long day at work?” and then I handed it to her. Why did I write my greeting on a notepad? Because she had her headphones on.

So did it work? Well, she wrote back “Hey, I’m Renee*. I had a difficult client today. F*ck my life! How about yourself?” The rest they say is history. Now that’s GP!


2 thoughts on “GP Experience – Girl on the Train (Again!)

  1. Creative, cheeky and also maybe a little try hard. Maybe she liked it. I don’t know. Most girls will give their number to anyone.

    I find if I just start talking to them, most of the time they will just take them off.

  2. It’s an interesting one. I agree to your comment to a certain extent in that most girls will give their number out to anyone. The girl is definitely more likely to give her number out if she sees that the guy has actually made a very strong effort. Then again, if you look like an ass, there goes your chances.

    Yeah, that could definitely work – there’s no hard and fast rules as to how one should do it.

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