Is it friends with benefits or friends ‘WITH’ benefits?

Is there ever something called "free sex"?Why Natalie Portman is so good at faking it.
By Jennifer A. Vox

The motion picture, which was recently released as part of the whole Valentine’s Day theme, tells a story about a male and female whose friendship is purely based on a “physical connection”. Yes, they are having fun for as long as they can – lots of passionate-rough-and-tumble sex, instant rushes, full-on intensity, and ridiculously crazy surprises. Sex with no strings attached is hell lots of FUN!

However, things change once one party decides that they want more than just the wild romps in bed. Luckily for the couple, the movie ends with a happy solution. Ahhh… Hollywood movies are such a cliché! I’m sure you know the answer.

Regrettably, not all ‘FWB’ situations end with a happy ending – especially in this day and age. Only a few make it to exclusive relationships, the rest just go pear-shaped. I’m a firm believer that the ‘FWB’ situation only works for guys. I mean, what benefit does it bring for girls? I mean really. Women are not designed to handle emotions as good as men, particularly from the whole lovey-dovey-bonding point of view. Experts believe that the more often a girl is sleeping with a guy who gives her pleasure, the more she will get attached to her sex partner(s).

Sometimes, girls agree to sleep with a guy with no strings attached – merely hoping that there’s an opportunity to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Guys can smell this “primal need” a mile away and in turn, would merely use the girl to his advantage. Cardinal Rule #1: DO NOT… Continue reading


Dating Tip – How to Remember Everything About Her

As soon as you finish talking, write down EVERYTHING you know about her on your phone. This could come as a draft text message or as a recorded message. Just write it down somewhere!

“Why write it down?” I hear you say. Because when you call/text her, you won’t sound like an ass because you’ve actually got something to say. For example, she may have mentioned an activity she enjoys or she may have talked about her weekend plans. Remember both and that’ll be a massive tick in her books.

Now an extension of this tip will be very handy for when you’re speed dating. Breaks and speed dating don’t go hand-in-hand, so instead, think of a nickname that best describes her. For example, I would call her ‘Ms. Indecisive’ if she spent the whole speed date deciding whether or not to sit down.

GP Experience – Girl on the Train (Again!)

To my followers, you know that meeting women on CityRail trains is my forte and if you’re a first time subscriber, you can click here to find out why. Meeting women is just FUN and just like Valentine’s Day, it’s all about being creative. Meeting Renee* on the 10.33pm train back home sure put a smile on my face because I got her number without saying a single word.

Here’s the experience – Renee* was sitting on a two-seater whilst I was sitting close to her on one of those three-seaters. Sensing the very exhausted look on her face, I took out my notepad, wrote “Hi, my name is Jeff. Long day at work?” and then I handed it to her. Why did I write my greeting on a notepad? Because she had her headphones on.

So did it work? Well, she wrote back “Hey, I’m Renee*. I had a difficult client today. F*ck my life! How about yourself?” The rest they say is history. Now that’s GP!

Valentine’s Day Celebrations – Is it a man’s job?

The results are in!

Out of 39 votes, 25 people (most probably all men) said ‘Yes’.

Wise Words of the Day – Lance Armstrong

“Knowledge is power, community is strength and positive attitude is everything”

Lance Armstrong, professional road racing cyclist and 7-time winner of the Tour de France –

Invaluable Lesson from a Movie – “Shawshank Redemption”

“Get busy living or get busy dying” sums up what this classic move is all about.

The movie centres on Andy Dufrense, Tim Robbins, a successful banker who is incorrectly sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife and her lover. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Andy embarks on new found journey in the 20 odd years he is at Shawshank prison before his eventual escape. During his time, with the help of Red (Morgan Freeman) and the other prison inmates, he was able to convert a section of prison into a library, he was able to educate a young inmate so that he could receive his General Education Diploma (a test to certify that the taker has high-school academic skills) and personally for Andy to protect him from the other inmates, he became the warden’s private accountant. Although Andy lived a somewhat “better” life than the other inmates, he knew he did not belong in prison.

A memorable scene that gives a glimpse of how Andy eventually escapes, although you would have least expected it, was when Red handed Andy his rock-hammer.

Andy: “Well, if there’s any trouble, I won’t use the rock-hammer. Ok?”

Red: “Then I guess you wanna escape. Tunnel under the wall, maybe? [Andy laughs] Did I miss something here? What’s funny?”

Andy: “You’ll understand when you see the rock-hammer.”

The rock-hammer was 6-7 inches in length and “ALL” it took were the 20 odd years for Andy to dig into the side of his prison wall so that he could escape in a narrow sewerage pipe.

There are many themes that run through this movie but there is one that stands out like a deer in the headlights. The lesson to be learnt from this theme is such an invaluable one so it should be understood by all: even though Andy was sentenced to a crime he did not commit, he was able to maintain his integrity and to even make the best out of the situation no matter how horrid or hopeless the situation he was in. Now if we extend this to life’s other obstacles i.e. failure to meet a partner or dealing with a personal tragedy, realising your self-worth is one of those things that is going to give you light at the end of the tunnel. I’d hate to repeat myself but when push really comes to shove, you’ve got two choices: complain about the situation and never get anywhere or fight-like-hell. If you’re fighting-like-hell, you might as well enjoy the ride.

Books that Inspire the GP – “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Title: “The Leader Who Had No Title”
Authors: Robin Sharma

“The Leader Who Had No Title” is an amazing self-development book designed to bring out the best in you. Sharma believes that anyone can be a successful leader in whatever they do – no matter of their status. Unfortunately, he believes that people are too pre-occupied with climbing the corporate ladder and getting the title they seek before they believe they can be leaders. Hence, Sharma turns this around in a book that focuses on self-leadership as the foundation to achieving personal and professional success.

The book is written in a business fable style i.e. a story written about a business or person in a business setting where the moral of the story is a business lesson. Specifically, we read about Blake, an uninspiring young war veteran working in a book store, who strikes it lucky by meeting his mentor Tommy. Tommy is just one of four “Leaders Who Had No Title” who eventually transforms Blake’s life. As the story progresses, we get introduced to the other leaders and their conversations, and it is through them we get introduced to key principles designed to propel the ordinary person into a true leader.

The four leadership principles we get introduced to are:

1. You need no title to be a leader
2. Turbulent times build great leaders
3. The deeper your relationships, the stronger your leadership
4. To be a great leader, first become a great person

I would want you to read this book yourself so I’m not going to go into depth about what those above principles mean. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the above principles are pretty self-explanatory. At the end of each leadership conversation, the author provides the reader with useful instant-action points so that he/she can put into practise what has been discussed.

So should you read this book? If you’re lacking motivation in your current job but at the same time, you’re yearning to achieve greater things, then I would highly recommend this book. We have barely touched the surface of 2011 so there’s no better way get motivated than by reading a book that could potentially bring about long-term positive change.

Clothes that Make the GP – Shorts

You’re probably asking yourself, “Shorts are just shorts – what could possibly make them unique? Why are you even including this in this section?” My answer to this is simple, put the right pair of shorts on and everything else will look better!

Just remember, we’re always going for the complete look here so if you look like an Armani model on your top half but you look like MC Hammer on the bottom half, the 90s hit “U Can’t Touch This” will FOREVER be your mantra!

Now there are many varieties of shorts available. Just to name a select few you’ve got your khaki/cargo shorts which generally have more than four pockets stitched onto the outside of the garment – these shorts offer a baggy casual look. You’ve got your straight-fit Bermuda shorts which are knee-length – these shorts offer a sophisticated and versatile look. You’ve got your “preppy” plaid shorts which are pretty much like your Bermudas but different colours of woven fabric is used to create a cross-barred pattern – these shorts have been popularised by “skater” culture. Last but not least, you’ve got my favourite type – your simple mid-length shorts. These shorts are characterised by an inseam of about 7-8 inches so they do a great job of making your legs look longer (unlike your knee-length types).

You know I LOVE VERSATILITY so when it comes to purchasing your mid-length shorts, I recommend… Continue reading

Dating Tip – Spotting Opportunity

I’ll definitely do a whole Valentine’s Day piece in the February GP Newsletter but the “Big Day” is fast approaching – 25 days as a matter of fact. So let me ask you this question – what do you want your Valentine’s Day to be like?

Now if you’re still trawling through those online dating websites and the only potential you’ve got is a divorcee with 4 kids who may or may not need to take one of her kids to a school performance on that day (not that there is anything wrong with that of course), let’s go through this week’s dating tip: Spotting Opportunity!

Good things occur to those that least expect it so if we take this mantra to meeting women, your “Hey, how are you doing?” is going to carry a lot more weight if you say it to a woman who least expects it. What do I mean by this? Just say “Hi” to that that girl you see every day at the bus stop or that girl who is standing right next to you at the bookstore. EVERY GIRL (I’m confident on this!) loves to tell the story of how they were swept of their feet by their Prince Charming. This is opposed to the boring-old-unromantic-story of the girl meeting her man at a bar where if it weren’t for the fact that her girlfriends went to the toilet, her guard would have been up and all he would have seen would be the back of her head.

So how do we spot such opportunities? Just like the above GP Experience. Ask yourself these questions: Is she bored? Are there any signs to show that she is bored? Would she mind being approached? What is she doing? Is she open to a conversation? What’s her body language like? Last but not least, do I have anything to lose?

I’ll answer the last question for you – NO!