Accessories that Make the GP – Cologne

There’s no denying that it is your physical appearance that is going to get you a wink from across the table. If you then approach her (or even better if she approaches you) and you smell like a barn-yard animal, you only have yourself to blame when she pulls a hard right.

So what’s another item that makes the GentlemanPlayer?
Decent cologne

Now when I mean decent, I don’t mean something that you can get for $10.95 at the local supermarket. I’m not going to name names here but I’m sure you know what I mean – a special “feline effect” anyone? In the majority of our purchases, a huge cost associated with it has to do with buying the brand – this is something that can rarely be avoided. So when it comes to decent cologne, quality and price are generally aligned so the more you pay for a certain type, the more value you should get from it.

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Accessories that Make the GP – Watch

If there is any one accessory that a man MUST have it is a quality timepiece. Watches can range in price from $1 to $3 million. Diamond studded designs, gold-plated frames, platinum, exquisite turnbillions and fancy chronographs are only a small list of features watchmakers use to create some of the most rarest and expensive watches in the world.

Now you can get a quality watch for as little as $500 – just have a look at the Tissot PRC200 which gives you the ability to alternate between a metal strap and a leather strap. Obviously it’s going to be bit of a hassle to constantly change the straps but the metal strap can be used for everyday wear, i.e. polo-shirt, jeans and loafers, whilst the leather strap is a sleek accompaniment to a nicely-fitted suit for more formal occasions. But you know what? Why don’t you just get 2 watches; one metal and another one with a leather strap to make life easier. However, if you’ve really got money to burn why not spend a meagre $3.5 million on a diamond-studded Emperador Temple from the watch manufacture Paiget.

Whether you pay $1 for a watch that you purchased from a Hong Kong night market or $3.5 million diamond studded one, both… Continue reading