Is it friends with benefits or friends ‘WITH’ benefits?

Is there ever something called "free sex"?Why Natalie Portman is so good at faking it.
By Jennifer A. Vox

The motion picture, which was recently released as part of the whole Valentine’s Day theme, tells a story about a male and female whose friendship is purely based on a “physical connection”. Yes, they are having fun for as long as they can – lots of passionate-rough-and-tumble sex, instant rushes, full-on intensity, and ridiculously crazy surprises. Sex with no strings attached is hell lots of FUN!

However, things change once one party decides that they want more than just the wild romps in bed. Luckily for the couple, the movie ends with a happy solution. Ahhh… Hollywood movies are such a cliché! I’m sure you know the answer.

Regrettably, not all ‘FWB’ situations end with a happy ending – especially in this day and age. Only a few make it to exclusive relationships, the rest just go pear-shaped. I’m a firm believer that the ‘FWB’ situation only works for guys. I mean, what benefit does it bring for girls? I mean really. Women are not designed to handle emotions as good as men, particularly from the whole lovey-dovey-bonding point of view. Experts believe that the more often a girl is sleeping with a guy who gives her pleasure, the more she will get attached to her sex partner(s).

Sometimes, girls agree to sleep with a guy with no strings attached – merely hoping that there’s an opportunity to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Guys can smell this “primal need” a mile away and in turn, would merely use the girl to his advantage. Cardinal Rule #1: DO NOT… Continue reading


Dating Tip – Spotting Opportunity

I’ll definitely do a whole Valentine’s Day piece in the February GP Newsletter but the “Big Day” is fast approaching – 25 days as a matter of fact. So let me ask you this question – what do you want your Valentine’s Day to be like?

Now if you’re still trawling through those online dating websites and the only potential you’ve got is a divorcee with 4 kids who may or may not need to take one of her kids to a school performance on that day (not that there is anything wrong with that of course), let’s go through this week’s dating tip: Spotting Opportunity!

Good things occur to those that least expect it so if we take this mantra to meeting women, your “Hey, how are you doing?” is going to carry a lot more weight if you say it to a woman who least expects it. What do I mean by this? Just say “Hi” to that that girl you see every day at the bus stop or that girl who is standing right next to you at the bookstore. EVERY GIRL (I’m confident on this!) loves to tell the story of how they were swept of their feet by their Prince Charming. This is opposed to the boring-old-unromantic-story of the girl meeting her man at a bar where if it weren’t for the fact that her girlfriends went to the toilet, her guard would have been up and all he would have seen would be the back of her head.

So how do we spot such opportunities? Just like the above GP Experience. Ask yourself these questions: Is she bored? Are there any signs to show that she is bored? Would she mind being approached? What is she doing? Is she open to a conversation? What’s her body language like? Last but not least, do I have anything to lose?

I’ll answer the last question for you – NO!