Mastering the Quintessential Date

The “Date” before the First Date

Which of the following options would be an ideal first encounter with someone that you’ve just met?

  1. Drinks at a quiet bar in Surry Hills for inner city workers on Tuesday night
  2. Dinner and then ice-cream whilst sitting on the seats facing the Harbour Bridge on Wednesday night
  3. Karaoke with his / her friends and then dinner as group at Darling Harbour on Thursday night
  4. Pre-dinner drinks at a bar, followed by a fancy dinner, movie and then a scenic walk around Circular Quay on Friday night
  5. Brunch in a bustling inner city café in Paddington on Saturday morning
  6. Light lunch and a coffee in a quiet café at Dawes Point whilst watching people go by on early Sunday afternoon

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It’s Love At First Sight

Your personality comes second… Seriously

[… … … Wow! She doesn’t look too bad – absolutely amazing as a matter of fact. She pulls off that backless crimson-red dress effortlessly – the length is just right. I love how it carefully accentuates her hour-glass figure whilst showcasing the elegant contours of her porcelain skin back. Her legs epitomise the beauty of the female form with its length and tone as they extend into a pair of classic jet black 3.5 inch patent leather pumps – a cut-out detail at the peep toe reveals matching red nail polish. A gentle lift of her heel exhibits the signature red leather sole that provides a sharp contrast to the black patent leather but gives further prominence to her red dress. This girl dresses very well I must say – Check. I believe she’s Chinese. Her bob hairstyle with its subtle layering of her jet black hair gives her a very sophisticated look that brings attention to the sharpness of her symmetrical face. Her porcelain white skin is contrasted against the redness of her full-body lips. Her almond-shaped eyes, highlighted ever so slightly with mascara and long-curled lashes, provide a window of mystery to her inner sanctum. This girl looks gorgeous – Check … … …]

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Invaluable Lesson from a Movie – “Kung Fu Panda”

“Kung Fu Panda” is more than just a family-friendly movie. When Po (the panda) finally receives the infamous Dragon Scroll which is said to hold the secret to limitless power, Po merely sees a reflection of himself. In other words, your greatest worth is what you have inside you i.e. believing in yourself is your greatest power.

Now such a simple and inspirational lesson holds true in all aspects of our lives and dating is no different. The greatest gift that you can offer the girl that you are currently dating, your girlfriend, your partner and everyone else that is in your life is YOU. Never underestimate the capabilities of what you and your mind can achieve because at the end of the day, if you believe in yourself, no one ever can take away from you.

iDate premium T140 v7 Beta

Concentrate on what is most important.

Diary Entry
6th September 2010
Finding “The One”!

I jumped on eHarmony a couple of weeks ago. You know what I’m talking about – the dating website with those groovy commercials that always showed happily married couples where they “pre-screen your matches based on 29 dimensions of deep meaningful capability”. That and the fact that “Love begins here” was too good to refuse.

So after filling in the 75 page love compatibility questionnaire that took me a good 10 or so hours to complete, I come across SeductiveSirenSally69; 5 foot 9, black hair, athletic build, non-smoker, PHD qualified, atheist, right-wing extremist, ½ Spanish – ½ Chinese, earns > $900,000, loves Chinese food and with a headline that caused me to pitch a tent.

After exchanging a couple of “kisses” we decided to meet up for a coffee. Now to make sure that I was on my A-Game, I decided to bring my MacBook Pro so I could check for places to go after coffee, my iPod in case she wanted to sing along to some tunes, my iPhone 4 to check the latest movie times and my iPad to showcase to her my latest logo designs.

Come to think of it I was pretty prepared for date night until

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Books that Inspire the GP – “Not Without Hope”

Title: “Not Without Hope”
Authors: Nick Schuyler and Jere Longman

This is a harrowing story that literally brought a tear to my eye. It acts as a reminder that having a strong mental attitude is what is going to set you apart in life and in Nick’s case, is what is going to keep you alive.

“Not Without Hope” is co-written by Nick Schuyler, the sole survivor of a fishing trip gone tragically wrong. It’s extremely difficult to imagine what Nick had to endure for over 40 hours – stranded at sea in the Gulf of Mexico with a capsized boat, 15-25 metre waves constantly bombarding you from all directions, blistering freezing cold winds that seemed like nature was trying to have a swipe at you and last but not least, having to look into the eyes of 3 of your close friends as they descend into their watery graves.

The descriptions of what Nick and his friends had to ensure can be quite graphic at times but that’s what you really want in a book like this. In terms of capturing true human emotion, the authors did an amazing job and for this, I highly recommend that you get a copy of “Not Without Hope”.

Shoes that Make the GP – Loafers

There’s nothing more satisfying than spending an easy 5 seconds of your life slipping on a pair of shoes that oozes “manly-style” but that also yields amazing results when worn with the correct clothes. What am I talking about? I’m talking about loafers.

Loafers come in suede, leather and in a multitude of colours. Now for a timeless outfit that would suit the warmer periods of the year try wearing a pair of leather loafers coupled with a nicely-fitted collared-shirt (sleeves rolled-up) and a pair of plain bermuda shorts – a fitted polo-shirt could definitely act as a substitute. For the colder periods, try wearing your suede loafers with a pair of skinny leg jeans. Now this may not be for everyone because your twig and berries may have to cope in confine spaces for an extended period of time but it’s a dandy look.

Just a word of warning, don’t go all tight-ass with a pair of tacky synthetic loafers because you’ll end up getting blisters on your feet and when you decide to give your 10 little friends a breather, make sure your date is not around you!

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Dating Tip – Being Yourself!

By all means, if she’s interested in getting you to go Latin dancing classes with her then why not give it a go. If she likes ballroom dancing instead and she wants you to then follow suit then why not.

However, if she wants you to be a more outgoing individual who can make 20 friends in a room with 20 people and you’re everything but the social butterfly, make it very clear to her that you’re not going to be someone that you’re not.

It’s a timeless dating tip so always be yourself because if you’re not, the cracks will inevitably appear – I can guarantee you that!

GP Experience – The Girl outside the Apartment

One of the greatest joys in life which never fails to put a smile on my face is the thrill of approaching, conversing & then finally connecting with someone with whom I’ve just met 15 minutes ago. In this particular case, all I needed was 5 minutes!

The reason why I don’t have a problem meeting new people is not because I’m not afraid to say, “Hey, how are you doing?” but it’s because I do not hesitate the slightest when there is an opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Whilst I was waiting for my friend to come down from his apartment, I saw this girl standing by herself on the steps of her apartment foyer – she was holding a cigarette in her right-hand whilst speaking on the phone with her left. After she placed her phone back into her coat, I then saw her look around and check her watch profusely – straight away I knew that she was also waiting for someone and that person was running very late.

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